Personal Review of The Watchmen

I went and viewed The Watchmen with my wife, her father, and her two brothers today.

Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed it.  I have never read the graphic novel.  I know about most of the main cadre of superheroes that we all know from both Marvel and D.C. comics, but not much about this book.  I had heard of The Watchmen, but have never taken the time to read it.  In other words, I am solely reviewing the movie itself and not its faithfulness to the original source material.

In spite of a suggestion to do otherwise, I did not take my son to see the “comic book” movie.  I had already read enough about it to know it was going to be violently and sexually graphic.  Oh boy, was it. (/gleefulness)  I discuss this first because it is the most obvious part of the movie.  While most of it could be construed as gratuitous, they did add to the story.  There were times that those in my group and theater covered our eyes during certain extremely violent scenes.  I did notice that no one closed their eyes during the graphic sex scenes.

I was glad my son wasn’t there.

As for the movie itself, it was enjoyable.  It was good enough that I refused to get up and pee for the entire duration of the film.  I shouldn’t have had that large Diet Coke.

I know everyone comes up with a different interpretation of films, music, and other types of art.  I could discuss how ignoble or how altruistic and devoted to the truth humanity can be.  Even how both can subsist in the same person or people.  I won’t.  I see too much of it on television in the news.  I go to movies now for pure escapism.  Escape I did.

It was a good story with plenty of action, both violent and otherwise, to hold my attention and leave me sated at the end.  I enjoyed the ending and the seemingly…nevermind.  I better not give that away.

Go and see it if you are not squeamish or easily offended.  Don’t take your kids.

Or mine.

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