That was AWESOME!!!!

Wow.  It’s been 6 months since I have last posted.  Depending on your viewpoint:  sorry or you’re welcome.

Today has been quite a day.  Parker had his first work-out with his new soccer club, KC Milan, gymnastics practice, a pizza party with the gymnastics team, and Carmen had swim lessons.  All of that?  That’s normal stuff for us.  Nope, what made it quite a day was being able to attend the open training that Manchester United held at the Kansas City Wizards’ training facility in Swope Park.  I guess I have been fairly vocal in my support for Manchester United, so when a father of one of Parker’s former teammates received extra passes to this, he thought of us and offered them.

So…why was it AWESOME?

wiz_rain_webWe left our house early.  I was anticipating some construction traffic that turned out to be nonexistent.  This meant we were there at 4:10 pm for a 5:00 practice.  There were already many people there before us.  It then proceeded to start raining pouring for the next two hours.  Was that awesome?  No, but we stuck it out and endured it.

We were then told that we were going to be let onto the fields.  The people in charge then changed their minds (or maybe it was Man U) and we were put into a line to go inside for autographs since we had waited for hours in the rain.  This meant we went from the beginning of the line to the end of another one.

wiz_manu_lineAs we were waiting, we were informed that in order to make the line to go quicker only kids would get autographs and adults could shake hands.  Then the made a cut off point in the line saying that it would end.  This was well before us in the line..

How can this be AWESOME?

Before anyone could voice their displeasure, we were told that anyone who had not gotten to meet the team or get an autograph would be able to after the brief training that they would be doing.  We were taken to a different side of the training field from those that had gotten their stuff signed.

Now for the AWESOME!


Click this for a better look at the jacket.

While we were waiting in the rain, two charter buses drove up.  Everyone lined up to see if they could see anyone.  While we were looking, a cameraman from MUTV got off his bus, walked up to Carmen, put his Manchester United jacket on her, and got back on the bus.


Scholes was not available for autographs when the first group got theirs.  When our group got our sutographs, he came over and were able to get his, Giggs’, the Silvas’, and others.

AWESOME #3:  The cameraman seemed to take a liking to Parker & Carmen and did a little filming of them with Parker holding the mic and trying to interview Carmen.  Carmen, of course, decided right then to be shy and not participate very well.

In general, the whole family agreed that while standing in the rain and getting soaked was NOT awesome, watching Manchester United practice and meeting them was DEFINITELY AWESOME.

Now it is time to tailgate and watch them play the KC Wizards at the New Arrowhead Stadium.  That’s right.  The first game to be played at Arrowhead is going to be a game of REAL football.

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