Civil War & Soccer in Richmond, VA

Today was a full day in Richmond, VA.  We woke up did our morning ablutions and then got the kids up.  We then broke up into two groups.  Parker & I had put our foot feet down and said we were not going to King’s Dominion, an amusement park. We figured what was the point when don’t really ride the rides.  So…we went on our own adventures while the others went to the park.  I dare say we had more fun.

We had come up with a game plan that you will find as we go through this post.

We wanted to see some Civil War stuff.  First was the White House of the Confederacy.  After following Parker’s questionable map skills for awhile, we arrived.  It was closed.

We were off to a great start.

I knew the American Civil War Museum opened at 9am, so we headed there.  This place was great.  We learned a lot.  There were actually to places: a Civil War Museum encompassing the whole of the Civil War and an old iron factory (Tredegar) where they made the Confederacy’s cannons. The latter was actually a National Park. This was cool.  I have been to National Parks before, but I didn’t know about the passport program. This is where you go to National Parks and collect cancellation stamps, etc.  I bought four of them for the family.  When the park’s ranger(?) asked if I wanted them all stamped, I said, “No. Just two of them. The others aren’t here.”

They also had something for kids where they got a free booklet that led them through the exhibits by doing different activities.  Parker ripped through those and earned himself a badge for his efforts. After this was over, we had to get to our next activity.

Before leaving Kansas City, I had checked all of the soccer schedules for various teams and leagues to see what I was going to be able to watch and what I had to try to record. With Parker’s and my defection from King’s Dominion, we were going to  be able to watch the US Women’s National Team play in the Women’s World Cup Final. Before, when the US Men played in KC, I had joined the American Outlaws, a US Soccer supporters group.  I used my connections there and got on Twitter to contact the chapter in Richmond and arranged to join their watch party at Gus’.

This was fun and at times fairly wild.

Even though the women lost in penalty kicks, we had a great time eating, celebrating, bemoaning, and generally having fun. There were points in the celebrating that people were throwing water (I was worried for a bit that I was going to bring Parker back smelling like beer). The end result of our time at Gus’? A fantastic time with some really good people. If you are there, stop by and catch a game or just meet them.

After their heart-breaking loss, we headed out from the bar. I had a charging cord for my iPhone that was breaking, so I found an Apple Store and got a new one and Parker got a new case for his iPod Touch.  We headed back to our hotel to chill after filling up the Cosgroves’ car. We were driving that so they could use the van since they had 6 people.

Shortly after getting back, we started thinking about dinner and ended up ordering pizza since the others had quit the park early.  I would tell you about their day, but I don’t know about it.  Rides, I guess.  Dinner, showers for the kids, beer, tv, and bed were what was left for the day.

This post was longer, but more had happened.  If any of them feel like contributing their activities I may update.

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