On to Virginia Beach

After hitting the Embassy Suites’ breakfast buffet (which is pretty good for something included with the room), we loaded up the vehicles with our crap and gas, and headed out for Virginia Beach.

The LOVE  signThe 2-hour drive took longer than necessary because of Lani’s desire to stop at Visitor Centers for free maps. This one had a lot of information, though, and we got some coupons and other things for Virginia Beach.  It was a good stop.  They even had a picture opportunity:

Upon arriving at our hotel, The Cavalier, my brother-in-law, Jim, & I unloaded my van while the females were making their way there.  We checked in and took a load of stuff to our rooms.

Our rooms. *sigh*

Upon each of us entering our own rooms, we dropped the luggage and walked back out and looked at each other.  There was a queen bed with not much room beyond it.  We each had 4 people.  We went back to the desk.  When Jim gave them the ol’ what-for, we got an upgrade, but we were going to be paying for it. I guess it is going to be offset by the hotel gift card and gas card we are getting.

Our roomBoth rooms were not ready right then, so we put all of our luggage in the other family’s room. Everyone else got ready for some beach time and left while I waited for our room to be ready. When I got the call that it was ready, I moved all of luggage to our room and then proceeded to the beach.

The hotel is gorgeous.  I definitely recommend it if you like them from the 1920′s & 30′s. Nice, manicured lawns, good food, and a nice staff are the norm here.

Lobby of the Cavalier

I am not a big fan of travelling far away to sit somewhere and do nothing. I can (and do) do that at home much more easily and comfortably. Oh well. I will get more say in next year’s trip. To mitigate this, I took my iPhone to the beach. I messed around on it a little bit and as is my habit, I put it away in my left pocket.  What is unfortunate, is I had on my swimsuit. They shouldn’t have pockets on those things. Anyway, I went out to play with the kids in the ocean.

Electronics do not like salt water apparently. I had a few problems after this unholy mating. It would act like there was always a headset plugged in and give me a pop up stating that the device wasn’t compatible with the iPhone.  There was no device connected. Twenty-four hours later, I regained use of the earpiece.  By the time we were back in Cincinnati, the pop-ups were pretty much gone. Whew!

There was another family of four that Jim & Annette know from Cincinnati we were meeting there.  They arrived during that afternoon and we made plans for dinner. They come to Virginia Beach fairly often, so they knew where was good to eat, so we went with their recommendation:  Rudee’s on the Inlet.

The food there is excellent…except for the crabcakes. Order anything BUT those.  I had the crabcakes. Everyone else’s dinners were great.  Those were crap.

Lani & Annette on the swingAfterwards, we had dessert & drinks at their little place across from the parking lot with swinging  tables & benches. I don’t think I could eat a whole meal at those and keep all of the food down, but dessert & drinks were fine.

It was then time for bed, so we headed back to the hotel.

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